FitLinxx Doesn’t Miss a ‘Beat’ with New Heart and Activity Monitor


FitLinxx Doesn’t Miss a ‘Beat’ with New Heart and Activity Monitor

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If the team at FitLinxx is correct in their assessment, athletes will soon be able to pitch those “uncomfortable, unreliable heart monitors” in favor of a superior alternative — the FitLinxx AmpStrip.

Representatives for the company tell mHealthWatch that the new monitor accurately keeps tabs on heart rate and activity around the clock 24/7.

The device itself, we’re told, is as discrete and comfortable as a Band-Aid.

AmpStrip is the first foray into consumer products by FitLinxx, building off the company’s more than 20 years of proven experience providing industry-leading enterprise health and fitness technology.

Pricing for the forthcoming device has yet not been finalized, but the company says it will be competitive with similar products.

“Athletes know that heart sensing is the single most important thing they can track to see how their body is performing,” explains Dave Monahan, president and CEO of FitLinxx.

“AmpStrip is the first of its kind heart and activity tracking monitor outpacing existing products with significantly more accurate data and comfortable 24/7 wear before, during and after exercise,” he adds. “Fitness enthusiasts can lose the chest strap and wristband, staying focused on improving performance while AmpStrip works automatically to provide the information that will help them best reach their goals.”

To learn more about AmpStrip, click here.

IMRFitLinxx Doesn’t Miss a ‘Beat’ with New Heart and Activity Monitor