IMR Executive’s Role in the Digital Industries

IMR Executive has forged an outstanding reputation across a number of specialist Industry Sectors.  Working in related business areas within the digital sector, and in particular Mobile, we have been able to deliver the highest quality of service to a broad range of companies including  global brands, technology giants and embryonic start-ups for over a decade.  Our enviable reputation for repeated delivery and strategic advice has been built within the Consumer Services, Advertising / Digital Marketing, International Trade and Supply Chain, Internet of Things, Security and Supply Chain Management.

Consumer Services:

When we first formed IMR there was a clear goal to help our clients hire the best talent to enable them to launch mobile products and services.  In many ways that has remained the case for the last ten years.  The greatest change has been how to generate revenue within that ecosystem and we have taken great pride in bringing monetisation experts, commercial leadership, product specialists and strategic thinkers in from related industries.  That ability to engage with the very best of the broader digital world and give them access to some of the most exciting organisations in Mobile has been the life blood of our business.

Working with a wide range of clients we have been able to offer specialist international recruitment solutions across Music, Games, TV, Broadcast, Gambling, Advertising, Marketing Agency, Messaging, Data Providers, Social Media, Sports and retail Brands.

Much of our work has been focused on the monetisation of services and products through the mobile channel.  This revenue opportunity and change in consumer behaviour have been pivotal in recent years to the continued growth of the digital economy.  We are also proud to work with some of the most innovative and dynamic technology enablers and developers on the planet.

Advertising / Digital Marketing:

Our clients are able to offer brands and agencies the opportunity to engage with consumers in the most personalised and targeted ways.  From niche technology providers to creative agency’s they are able to offer end-to-end solution to define and build mobile presence, acquire new customers, and lead generation; to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and loyalty strategies.

We have worked with many of the Worlds’ leading advertising and digital organisations, helping them build and further develop their Mobile offerings.

International Trade and Supply Chain:

We are working with organisations in a range of industry sectors including telecommunications, semiconductors, defence and aerospace, electronics, automotive and medical devices. These companies are trading globally with an extensive supplier base and therefore require professionals with a range of skills within import and export compliance, freight, logistics, procurement and supply chain management. We recruit a range of levels from Customs Officer and Buyer through to Procurement and Compliance Director level. Many of these individuals are experienced in dealing with HMRC, freight companies and brokers combined with an understanding of UK, US, and EU import and export legislation.

Internet of Things (IOT) – M2M, Telematics, Infotainment:

Whilst market forecasts have consistently remained high for the potential of the IoT solutions market (c.$7.1 trillion by 2020) it is now becoming far more evident within the market that traction is taking hold across a number of core segments. With the business community progressively engaging with this increasingly ubiquitous connectivity and assessing the wider implications (efficiencies, business implications and revenue opportunities) we can see the market is poised for greater growth still.

IMR have been involved with mobile data since 2004 and our primary involvement within the M2M field was through telematics services and solutions for the transport and logistics markets. Our involvement has continued to develop from there and we have enjoyed working with clients across a broad range of segments including; Smart Energy, Smart Home/City, Infotainment, Asset management and mHealth/eHealth. Increasingly our time is spent with companies that internet enable products and/or offer a cloud based platform to provide a range of services across a broad spectrum of the market, both consumer and enterprise.

We being value through helping organisations identify and attract candidates from technical, operational and commercial disciplines into roles such as; VP Sales / Sales Director, Sales Manager, Marketing Director, Product Owner, Product Director Business Development Director, Alliances Manager, Channel Program Manager.


Within the ever changing world of global communications, with increased accessibility of the internet and software development experiencing such rapid evolution, our reliance on secure data (both business and private) has never been more essential. In addition to the traditional security imperatives around secure corporate data and communications as well as secure financial transactions we are fast entering a world where the sheer number of endpoints in a network will potentially expose us to further risks in a whole number of other ways (eg., connected cars, smart energy, connected home, mHealth).

We have helped provide candidates for both the traditional Enterprise Security teams of organisations as well as for companies who provide security services and/or solutions to the wider market.

Supply Chain Management:

IMR Executive has worked since its formation in the after sales services sector within the mobile and broader technology market place.

We work with many clients across the world who provide reverse logistics, supply chain management, repair, recycling and insurance services to support the lifecycle of mobile phones.

The positions that we recruit extend across Business Development, Account Management, Marketing, Service Delivery, Quality Control and Service Centre Management.

To discuss your career or Management team development in this area please contact Peter Oates.

IMR Executive’s combination of recruitment and mobile content experience has culminated in us being responsible for overseeing some of the most exciting placements in the industry. IMR’s knowledge of the mobile content sub-sectors enables them to find roles and candidates where other executive search agencies fail. These achievements enable IMR Executive to offer opportunities at the most senior level to an International audience. As the Mobile Content industry evolves and new areas constantly emerge, our own professional landscape alters. We try to reflect this by updating the site regularly, but if you cannot see your specific role or opportunity listed please talk to us about it. It is likely that we can help.

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